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A view of personalized medicine ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:19pm

A view of personalized medicine from the CEO point of view....BD 

"At my company, Cell Therapeutics Inc., one of our subsidiaries, Systems Medicine, is examining the function of genes in a tumor through a process called genetic profiling. SM examines about 30,000 relevant genes from tumor cells and tests them to determine which gene or genes make the tumor susceptible to the effects of different cancer drugs. Using that technique, we can identify which cancers are sensitive to which drugs. It is a fundamental shift in approaching the dilemma of which is the right drug for the right patient while exposing the least number of patients to a drug's severe side effects.

Adoption of personalized medicine will mean that patients will get quicker access to the newest cancer therapies. The current time and cost of drug development is about 16 years and $1.7 billion. Cancer drug development is actually the least-efficient in all of medicine. Genetic profiling could shorten clinical development time and costs because only those patients likely to benefit will be enrolled in clinical trials, making it easier for regulators to make safety and efficacy decisions more quickly."

Personalized medicine for quicker cures

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