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A PhD In Political Science -Algo Men Politicians Have Yet to Discover- Denial And IT Literacy (Video-humor-politics)

Posted Nov 01 2010 8:03pm

This is funny with the discussion on political science and those algorithms.  Those leaders in politics do not get it and this funny video makes that point loud and clear and listen to what the the definition of a political scientist involves.  Be a professor of politics and focus on the BS in life.<grin>. 

Do you like being around petty and insecure people?  Do you want to be passed over for not publishing your papers in an obscure enough journal and we can only answer questions that nobody cares about!  What is is like to get laid he asks and that if you cross over the dumb side it might happen and it could be published in a journal.  Politicians see these future Algo Men having a future of being able to only teach children that are retarded and that MIT entrance may be a pie in the sky wish as the disruption and distraction of political science seems to rule, not intellect, and boy is that not the truth today.  BD 

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