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A new website offering genetic c ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:20pm

A new website offering genetic counseling...find out how the testing works and how to handle the results....but at $2500.00 to enroll for all services, it's not inexpensive...with a $250.00 annual fee after initial enrollment... they do the scan, pick the conditions you can do something about and select markers based on strong science... done with a saliva get a personalized report...and a counselor...and will help you work with your doctor....BD 

image REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., April 8, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- Navigenics, a personalized genetic health services company, today announced that it will develop a set of industry standards for consumer genomic testing services, and that it will seek broad, multi-stakeholder input and endorsement of these or similar criteria. Further, the company announced it will also support prospective health outcomes studies, involving leading medical centers and other partners, designed to examine the impact that consumer access to personal genetic information has on behaviors and health outcomes.

In addition to developing and adopting proposed standards, the company will be participating in research initiatives aimed at measuring the actual impact of genetic risk information on consumer behavior and related health outcomes over time. The first such study, announced this week, is a Mayo Clinic study examining how patients understand and utilize information provided by a Navigenics personalized genetic risk assessment. The research also addresses 1) physicians' understanding of predictive genetic risk assessment and 2) the impact of such information on preventive health decision making. Titled "A Proof of Principle Trial of Communication to Patients Receiving Predictive Genetic Risk Assessment," the study begins in April 2008 and runs through September 2009. The study is funded jointly by Navigenics and Mayo Clinic.

Navigenics Proposes Standards for Personal Genomics Services, Coupled With Prospective Outcomes Studies, to Safeguard Consumers

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