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A.I.G. Sees a Profit – Rebrands and Remarkets Itself With New Names as the Old Name is Tarnished

Posted Aug 07 2009 6:10pm

Do we all realize how much we are marketed today?   Perhaps this report may shed some light on the subject.  As stated in the article the AIG name of image course as we all know has been tarnished so new names with new promises and financial offerings come to the table.  Below is an earlier post I made on a bit of history of the company. 

AIG: You Bring the Nerds and the Algorithms and I’ll give you a AAA Rating…a little history from 1987

The post also makes another point, the use of “business intelligence” software, which again the whole world revolves around software being the basis for the decisions we make today, healthcare included, so those of you who don’t like software and computers, well it might be in your best interest to read up and perhaps start to understand how and why it makes the financial and healthcare world function.  You can’t fight it, so you might as well “learn up” and try and understand some portions of how and why it functions. 

Through the use of new branding names and algorithms run by software, AIG is opening up some new horizons here, same basic company, but marketed under a new name and new calculating formulas and they have some healthcare interests too.  They also sued the government for return of tax money. 

The code run is very important and recently in the news Goldman Sachs was very concerned over the potential theft of some of their computer code and propriety algorithms.  The Bankers and Insurance companies work together. 

Somebody Stole Goldman’s Algorithms – Code that Makes Their Money Just Like Health Insurers Use image

If you are still unconvinced read this next link about Medical Banking where banks, lobbyists, etc. all all being encouraged to join.  I often wonder how much of this our Congressional leaders actually understand too.

Medical Banking – If you Have Not Started Online Banking here’s A New Curve to Absorb

I urge everyone to read up and find out a little more about the financial world to understand how money, funds, and investments are created with software and those are the millionaires and billionaires being created today.  BD 

The American International Group reported a profit on Friday, its first since the third quarter of 2007, saying parts of its business had stabilized and also citing a favorable accounting change.

Mr. Liddy said at the time that the A.I.G. name brand had been ruined. The company has been marketing its insurance products under different names since then.

The company’s net income for the second quarter was $1.8 billion, compared with a $5.3 billion loss in the second quarter of 2008. The federal government’s share of the profit was $1.5 billion, since the government became the company’s biggest shareholder after bailing out A.I.G. last fall.

A.I.G. Reports Profit, Saying Business Is Stabilizing -

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