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90 Thousand Physicians speak out to Presidential hopefuls.

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:13pm
I n a last minute attempt to influence the two top presidential candidates the members of the largest physician on-line community - - have spoken out about their feelings regarding the state of U.S. healthcare.

"More than 30% of polled physicians said the healthcare policy answers would
change their vote from the candidate they previously supported. 23% of those who read Obama's answers were now influenced in favor of McCain, while 10% of those who responded to McCain's answers moved toward Obama.

An open letter from Sermo's physician membership was drafted and sent to the candidates voicing their concerns. Some 8000 providers have signed the letter thus far. Below are some of the responses from the physician membership aimed back at the candidates:

"I still don't think either candidate will help the physician plight. They just don't get what we need answers to and what our fears really are."

"Doctors are not the cause of the health care crisis. It is the result of years of bureaucracy on the hands of third parties. Let us be doctors and treat our patients the way we think will be the best."

While the level of frustration with most physicians these days is palpable, I can't help feel that in order to adequately address the issues that healthcare is dealing with the entire provider system needs to be incorporated into the solution process. Fixing healthcare is not going to be and can not be just about making physicians feel better. Mid level providers such as PAs, nurse practitioners, nurses, and patients as well as all the other allied health occupations and payers have to be looked at as stake holders in a new healthcare system. While my bias may be showing here lets face it, the bulk of any care that is given to patients comes from nurses and other healthcare team members and not physicians. Healthcare is not just about doctors. In any event the issues of healthcare continue to be a highly polarized topic. In time we will all see how this shakes out as the our new country is born on November 4th.

Source: Market Watch.
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