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“Meaningful Use” Regulation for Electronic Health Records – Information and Updates

Posted Jul 13 2010 9:07am

Today is the day most in Health IT have been waiting for with the new regulations and rules.  The New England Journal of Medicine has condensed the 864 pages (embedded below) of the new rules and regulations into a simple graphic format, and you can right click and use “save as” or view the image below in your browser.  I spent many years in sales and this is the same philosophy of image having more information available to make better decisions; however much more important than what I was doing with a PDA and having all my client information in my pocket or purse years ago. 

By organizing all my information and saving time and creating better client loyalty and trust I soared within a few months to be the #1 sales executive in a Fortune 500 company within a few months of using technology and electronic medical records will do the same for healthcare, not that the issue is being #1, but in fact will lead to better decision making processes.   When pioneering new ideas you certainly have to be “thick” skinned as most will tend to resist as it is human nature to not want to change, ask me about Tablet PCs and I can tell you plenty, but now look where we are today:)

Years ago I wrote an electronic medical records system, which is now in mothballs as by today’s standards it is very simple as HL7 standards were in their infancy and basically it created a program to store records and bring lab results into the program. 

Since such time a lot of new technology and decision making items have entered the picture to even make having electronic records better and even more valuable.  As technology moved forward, a valuable EHR program is just too much for one person to keep up with, thus I moved over into consulting and blogging, but having written one from the ground up was a very influential process and is probably why I write from that standpoint today as having the experience in working with MDs on a one on one basis as a team was priceless and a huge learning experience.  You can’t create a system without the input of the end users as you bring together 2 different worlds, the creator and the user for a winning combination is needed and as a programmer you learn real quick to eat your own dog food at times and move forward as all ideas from both sides are not winners either, but many are and lead to improvements and a better system. 


Hopefully the information and rules included will suffice for a while to get everyone going and there will be changes as technology continues to evolve in healthcare and I’m sure we will see additions, especially as relates to new mobile technology added at some point in time as electronic medical records and their evolution is a big moving target that can change it’s spots at any time, we have seen this so no surprise there. 

You can also click on the image below and go to the full article at the New England Journal of Medicine. 


The “Meaningful Use” Regulation for Electronic Health Records | Health Care Reform Center

If you want to read the full 864 pages, you can use the pop out window below and read all of it.  I have not read it all and don’t know if I will in fact have time but will make the attempt at some point.  If it were in a format with less verbiage and had some actual algorithmic samples that would really help I feel.  We need that today with digital rules and laws and eventually at some point I am thinking it will happen, otherwise we will all go crazy with horrendous interpretations that leave too many gray areas. 

I watched some of the HHS live presentation this morning and the portion from Dr. Benjamin was especially moving as she related to her roots and experience and some “first hand” experience and if you have never visited Bayou LaBatre Alabama, many who live there don’t have much at all and healthcare is a challenge.  The food there is great and many things have not changed in years there, great people but so many with very little in the way of healthcare resources, so her work was indeed a challenge and you can meet some of the most sincere and caring people in the country there, been there.

Of all the leaders we have, Dr. Benjamin is probably one with some of the best values and information as she speaks from some very real and challenging first hand experiences.  BD

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