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“50 Shades of Rape” –Tina Fey Calls Out the Gray Faced Men…What Happens When Digital Illiteracy And Extr

Posted Oct 26 2012 1:28am

This is good and really funny and makes a point.  Best I can figure is that they don’t know what else to address or talk about that is relative to making laws and protecting and helping US consumers.  Todd Akin sits on the House Science Committee….what a choice and he just can’t find the science study that supports his statements:)  Boy is he duped on this one. 

Sad thing is they don’t even recognize a tool that can help them make better laws when it’s staring them in the face, so Watson went to Citibank where they can get more of our money by algo duping lawmakers and running those formulas for profit! 

Ok to make up for this, here’s a video that talks about real science and how it is spun from an expert and he gets into the P factor and Charlie Siefe tells you all about “algo duping” and  he reads at the Quack now and then. 

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