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$58 Million Premarin/Prempro Breast Cancer Judgment – Wyeth (Pfizer) Asks for New Trial

Posted May 03 2010 11:39pm

The judge did reduce the original punitive damages from $99 million and said ok to the $58 million dollar settlement.  When you read through the article we are splitting hairs here over which state the case should have been heard in and when and where (which state) were the women living when they developed breast image cancer.  I didn’t think that made any difference as breast cancer seems to be a world wide issue, not predominant in any one area.

Two of the women have died since the 2007 decision so this has drug on quite a while.  In the Women’s health initiative there was no discretion made between bio identical and those make with pregnant horse urine, which is Premarin and Prempro.  I talked with Dr. Schwartz last year and we pondered the same question, can’t someone run some numbers and compare?  There are FDA bioidentical drugs on the market, most are the patches women wear for HRT. 

She told me the NIH, ACOG, and NAMS recommended doctors take all women off Premarin and other replacement therapies, after the failure of the National Health Initiative, and further stated there are no studies available about bioidentical estrogens of any significance today relative to cancer, even though they have been around since 2002.

Where are the studies she asked, and that’ is a very good question indeed.

Ever wonder where hormone replacement got it’s start, the links below might offer some insight here, Professor Schering and Adolph Hitler during World War II are at the heart of it. 

Schering History


CARSON CITY — An attorney for the pharmaceutical firm Wyeth is urging the Nevada Supreme Court to order a new trial following a $58 million judgment on behalf of three women who contacted breast cancer after taking the drug Prempro.

Lane Heard, a Washington, D.C., attorney, argued errors during the trial can only be corrected by a new trial.

The jury initially considered both compensatory and punitive damages and came back with a record $134.5 million judgment against Wyeth, which is now part of Pfizer. Of that, $99 million was punitive damages and $35.5 million was compensatory.

Heard also argued that two of the women had lived in Washington and Oregon for many years before moving to Nevada. He claims it was an error in allowing the case to be heard in Nevada instead of those states.

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