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450 patients get hepatitis from healthcare providers.

Posted Jan 18 2009 2:41am
AnewCDC studythat was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine show that some 60,000 patients were at risk for contracting hepatitis B and hepatitis C from healthcare personnel working outside hospital settings because they did not follow basic infection control practices. During the study period (10 years) there were 33 identified outbreaks in 15 states. Settings such as outpatient clinics, hemodialysis centers, and long-term care facilities were where patients contracted the viruses.

The reports shows that healthcare providers failed to use proper aseptic technique and injection safety. The reusing of syringes, administering medications that were contaminated by blood, and using equipment and other medical devices that were contaminated with blood while providing care / services to patients were the reasons for exposure.

Of the cases reported 12 were found in outpatient clinics, 6 in hemodialysis centers, and 15 in long-term care settings. A total of 450 patients acquired the hepatitis B or C virus.

These cases could have been easily prevented.
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