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40th Lunar Walk Anniversary Inspired Quotes for Health Care Reform

Posted Jul 20 2009 10:57pm
Who can forget the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission that put a man on the moon? Certainly not the President, and neither can the Disease Management Care Blog. And what a great quote when Neil Armstrong jumped off the ladder onto that magnificent desolation:

“That's one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind”

Sure, years later, Jack Kennedy and Walter Cronkite have been replaced by the likes of Harry Reid and Glenn Beck, while lunar walks have been supplanted by searches for errant Shuttle tiles, but no matter. The heroism of those intrepid spacemen still inspires the DMCB.

To wit: some health reform quotes fashioned over those legendary first interplanetary words:

The President: That’s one health reform plan in trouble: one giant all Obama all the time

Congressional Democrats: That’s one large budget hole; one giant chunk of Americans’ incomes and that's just for starters.

Congressional Republicans: That’s one large market for Americans; one giant doubt that many are insurable at any price.

The Blue Dogs: That’s one large cost of government; one giant ‘ no-way! ’ for Nancy Pelosi.

The Congressional Budget Office: That’s one nice try from Congress; one giant ‘ no ’ to budget neutrality.

Health Care Costs: That’s one huge trend line for inflation; one giant failure to contain the beast.

The AMA: That’s one we’ll support anything if it means the SGR formula goes away, make it go away, dammit.

The For-Profit Disease Management Organizations: That’s one attractive budget; one giant push to get disease management more explicitly covered in the amendments and the reconciliation anyway.

The Patient Centered Medical Home: That’s one big pilot; one great hope it actually saves money as advertised.

The DMAA, the Care Continuum Alliance: That’s one not-small annual meeting; one giant please help us meet budget and go to it

The DMCB: That’s one large meeting of bloggers, one great missing DMCB blog

The DMCB Spouse: That’s one more added RSS blog subscriber; one giant ‘so what?’ for the hubby
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