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4 Reasons for Getting Plastic Surgery in India

Posted Apr 24 2014 10:51am

Introduction to plastic surgery

Plastic surgery in Indiais that branch of medical science that deals with replacement, repair and reconstruction of external organs. A plastic surgeon makes use of the principals of cosmetic surgery to enhance and improve the outcome results of the procedures of plastic surgery.


Plastic Surgery in India  

Success rate of plastic surgery

The success rate of plastic surgery depends on the following factors like:

1)   Previous condition

2)   Previous health conditions of the patient

3)   Kinds of procedures that are performed

4)   Relevant work experience of the plastic surgeon


Who are eligible candidates for plastic surgery?

Two categories of candidates are eligible to get plastic surgery:

1)   The first category of patients is that who are very conscious about the beauty and attractiveness of their body. These persons like to make changes in their body to enhance the physical charm of their body. After getting plastic surgery these patients experience a good feeling about the results. These patients maintain a positive image about their personality.


2)   The second category of patients includes those persons who have cosmetic flaws and are afflicted by physical defects. These body defects are seen in persons either since birth or due to an accident or physical mishap.   


Preparations before plastic surgery

Following preparations are to be made before plastic surgery:

1)   If the patient smokes then he should quit smoking just 2 weeks before the surgery. Smoking enhances complications during plastic surgery.

2)   The patient should take the copy of the protocol of a doctor.

3)   The patient should fill up the prescription before getting plastic surgery.

4)   The patient should take adequate protein diet like soup, protein shakes, oatmeal and yogurt including cottage cheese for getting positive results of the plastic surgery.

5)   The patient should buy moisturizers, petroleum jelly and scar reduction creams for curing incisions.

6)   The patient should use eye drops.

7)   The patient should wear loose clothing on the day of the surgery.

8)   The patient should carefully follow the instruction of his plastic surgeon.

Why come to India for plastic surgery?

You can come to India for plastic surgery due to the following reasons:

1)   The price of plastic surgery at cosmetic surgery hospitals of India in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai is less and affordable to that seen in western destinations like USA, UK and Canada.


2)   Indian cosmetic surgeons are well experienced; they have been trained at the best institutions of cosmetic surgery in India and abroad. They provide positive outcomes of plastic surgery to their patients.


3)   Medical tourism in India offers the best services of healthcare. These services are available at a reduced cost.


4)   After gettingplastic surgery in India, abroad patients can visit exotic beaches near famous and pleasant holiday resorts. 


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