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2 Steps Forward: Expose Grover and Listen To Nurses

Posted Nov 23 2011 10:01pm

Posted on | November 21, 2011 |

This has undeniably been a year of challenges. Since when did cooperation and compromise become dirty words?  We’re all tied up in knots coming to grips with the fact that the world has changed quicker then our ability to accomodate those changes. It’s catch-up time. But first we have to break free. Here’s my two step process to get our nation moving again.

I. Expose Grover Norquist: Listen to Steve Croft’s interview on 60 Minutes of this guy who has 270 + elected officials tied up in knots as he hides behind a forced insipid smile. Who gave him this power? To answer that question you’d have to know where his money comes from. (Oppotunity Notice: Reporters interested in earning a Pulitzer Prize – focus on the intermediaries for corporations, large institutions and associations.) Once the secret funding sources are made public, Grover will shrivel up and fold like bullies do and 270+ elected officials will have enough political cover to break the “pledge” to Grover and do what they were elected to do – govern and use their God given intelligence and range of skills to govern.

II. Listen to Nurses: They are both providers and consumers of health and understand human potential. Their opinions reflect what is possible right now or in the near future. Here are the opinions of over 200 nursing students from a Midwest Nursing School surveyed last month as part of a Beta-test for the  Lifespan Planning Record (LPR) Simulator .

Health Visions Survey Results:

1. The future epicenter of our preventive health care system should be:

Hospital            6%

Doctor’s Office  15%

Home               79%

2. Members of the family who serve as family caregivers for parents/grandparents or children/grandchildren should receive support from the health care system as:

Health Providers     4%

Health Consumers   5%

Both                     91%

3. Family caregivers caring for aging parents/grandparents should be fully integrated into and supported by the health care team.

Strongly Agree     70%

Agree                  27%

Not Sure                2%

Disagree                0%

Strongly Disagree   1%

4. Networking family members of different generations together, and linking them to physicians, nurses and care teams through new video links and social network sites could save money and positively impact the health of young and old.

Strongly Agree      40%

Agree                   39%

Not Sure               18%

Disagree                2%

Strongly Disagree   1%

5. Electronic health records should reside with the:

Doctor           26%

Hospital         31%

Individual      39%

Employer        0%

Government    3%

6. If the next generation of electronic health records allows for forward planning, (reminders, customization, decision making and personalized research search tools) this computerized application (activated at birth) should look forward how many years?

20 Years      34%

35 Years      13%

75 Years      17%

100 Years      26%

120 Years      10%

7. All results of medical research studies, positive or negative, should be posted on the Internet at the completion or termination of the study.

Strongly Agree     29%

Agree                  37%

Not Sure              22%

Disagree               9%

Strongly Disagree  3%

8. With appropriate privacy protections, I would be willing to share my complete Personal Health Record including Family History, Past Medical History, and future DNA testing results with: (check all that apply)

My Employer                                  9%

My Insurer                                    19%

The Government                              9%

My Doctor, Nurse and Care Team    99%

My Pharmacy                                 50%

My Hospital                                    69%

9. I believe strict enforcement of environmental standards for clean air and water, and management of global warming, is essential to assure optimal health of all Americans.

Strongly Agree      53%

Agree                   35%

Not Sure                7%

Disagree                4%

Strongly Disagree   2%

10. I believe health care is a human right and should be universally available to all Americans.

Strongly Agree      49%

Agree                   34%

Not Sure               11%

Disagree                5%

Strongly Disagree   1%

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