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1976 Swine Flu Virus Report – Blast From the Past 60 Minute Segment

Posted Nov 06 2009 10:01pm
I thought this was interesting to view by today’s comparison and published it just for that reason and not to discourage flu shots by any means.  It image had been such a number of years, that I myself had completely forgotten that a Swine Flu potential pandemic had actually occurred in the past and that vaccines were given out. 
Flu shots were a bit different a number of years ago.  60 Minutes showed this report and then it was buried.  Today we have a lot more information available as well.  The video shows a woman who had some problems with the vaccine.  Again the technology and science we have today far exceeds what was available 30 years ago.  BD 

CBS " 60 MINUTES" documentary on the swine flu epidemics of 1976 in the U.S. It went on air only once and was never shown again.
For more infos:

Dailymotion - Swine Flu 1976 & Propaganda - une vidéo Expression Libre

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