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Health Maven Program


What is a Health Maven?

Health Maven is the term we use to describe the carefully-selected, knowledgeable, health and healthy living experts who volunteer their time to help support community members by answering their health questions and concerns. Health Mavens include doctors, nurses, psychologists, personal trainers and nutritionists, as well as patient experts and opinion leaders. Health Mavens are wonderful, caring people who are committed to helping others live healthier, happier lives.

How do I contact a Health Maven?

The easiest way to contact a Health Maven is to simply ask a question in the boxes labeled “Ask a Health Maven” (see right). Your question will be automatically sent to the Health Mavens with relevant experience and expertise. In addition, you can identify Health Mavens on Wellsphere anytime you see the Health Maven logo (Health Maven) on their articles, answers or profile pages.

Who can become a Health Maven?

Anyone with relevant expertise and experience, and a genuine commitment to helping others can apply to become a Health Maven. Most of our Health Mavens have a relevant professional degree or certification, and/or are knowledgeable about a particular field of health through their own experiences, and have demonstrated expertise or leadership in their particular field of health.

What are the benefits of becoming a Health Maven?

First and foremost, by sharing your knowledge and experience with others, you will enjoy the satisfaction of helping people improve their lives. In addition to how good you'll feel, Health Mavens enjoy a special status on Wellsphere. Health Maven's answers are positioned first among the set of answers to a community member's question, and each answer from a Health Maven displays their profile image with a distinctive Health Maven logo to acknowledge their special status.

Sounds like a great fit for me, how do I apply?

To apply to become a Health Maven, just send an email to, and let us know your area(s) of expertise or interest, and what you think qualifies you to be a Health Maven. If you are a medical or healthy living professional, please tell us where and when you earned your professional degree or certification.

Featured Health Mavens

Cathy Tibbles
Health Maven for the
Parenting Community
“Since joining Wellsphere I've had numerous opportunities to accomplish my goals for Mommy Motivation, not to mention that I've increased my traffic by at least 40%. The best thing I get from answering questions as a Health Maven is the chance to connect with other moms...Plus it is great exposure for Mommy Motivation! Thanks, Wellsphere.”
“I enjoy being a maven. I'd suggest to newcomers that if they have a passion about some area of life, they apply to be a maven...we can all learn from each other – degrees are not necessary!”