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People's HealthBlogger Awards

Who's the best health blogger in the world? YOU decided!

The 1st Annual People's HealthBlogger Awards was a great success! It was amazing to see the number of people voting for their favorite health bloggers, and to read their impassioned comments and feedback. We were also struck by the number of bloggers showing their support for other bloggers — this inspired us to create a new award category: Bloggers' Choice Award!
We'd like to thank and recognize all the amazing health bloggers who participated, and all their fans for taking the time to show their support. We've left the voters' comments posted in each nominee's profile so that everyone can see the heartwarming feedback and get a sense of the difference these bloggers make in people's lives.

Congratulations to the 2008 People's HealthBlogger Award winners!

Best 100
Best 100 Winners - PHBA 2008
Thanks again, and we look forward to the PHBA2009!
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Bloggers' comments...

“I think the competition is a fantastic way to find out about lots of people's different blogs, which I wouldn't have known about otherwise ... The competition has also brought lots of people to my blog which is fantastic. I find writing so much more worthwhile if I know people are enjoying what I write.”
“This contest has helped me expand my blog viewer base, and I've discovered a few new favorite reads!”
“I rubbed and blinked my eyes with disbelief at the sight of the votes, especially the inspiring, uplifting and touching comments that came with it. I felt greatly uplifted by voters who had taken their time and made efforts to vote for my blog. OOmph!!!! I was jolted by the positive response for my blog and knew from that moment onwards that people were cheering me on to keep my blog going continuously for the good sake of everyone - Serene L.”
“Being a top blogger at Wellsphere would help us raise awareness of atrial fibrillation, the most common, and potentially deadly, irregular heartbeat. Many people don't even know that they have it. Our mission at the Atrial Fibrillation Blog is to raise awareness of afib, to improve the lives of those with afib and their families, and to save lives by wiping out strokes caused by atrial fibrillation. We thank Wellsphere for helping us with this mission.”
“There are some dynamite patient blogs out there, and wonderful patient resources I may even end up referring patients to. It has also been a great opportunity to find new readership and expand the reach of my blog. It is always great to welcome new people and perspectives to enrich the discussion of health, the brain, and medicine. Thanks.”
“What I like about the competition is that it has opened my eyes to a bunch of great health & fitness blogs that I would never have found on my own. ... Wellsphere and it's bloggers have motivated me to become more active in the Wellsphere community - answering more questions, making new friends, etc.”
“This competition gives recognition to the hard work that health bloggers dedicate on a daily basis. As a clinical researcher in oncology, there is always room to expand your knowledge and within the past 2 weeks, I have gained respect for conditions that may not have crossed my path per say, but has made an impact on others in adverse ways. I now know where I would refer a friend, colleague or family member to in the event that they need an opinion, a new approach to an old condition or just a way to vent. That's what it's all about and thank you Wellsphere for giving many of us an opportunity to parade our hard work and put our best foot forward. FITNESS102 was created to share recipes, various training techniques and most importantly, to get people to understand that being healthy makes you enjoy life to the fullest. Good Luck to All"”