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Feb 16 2010 by Homer
Thank you for jumping right in and answering some questions from other members in the Wellsphere Community. I especially appreciate the detail and comprehensiveness in your responses.

On a seperate note, I invite you to fill out your bio under About Me and share a little about your background and expertise. There you'll also have the opportunity to create a link to your blog/website that will show prominently on your Wellsphere profile.

Thanks again for helping other Community Members in need!
Feb 16 2010 by Homer

Hi Health Foodie,

Welcome to Wellsphere! My name is Homer, and I'm from Wellsphere’s Community Team.

Wellsphere is a great resource to find information and  share your health and healthy living experiences. You'll find that there are many active members in each of the communities you joined.

I encourage you to ask questions, leave comments on interesting blog posts, set goals to work towards, and make new friends.

If you ever need help, please feel free to contact me.

Feb 12 2010 by Health Foodie