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From cognition to control: Fundamental research continues to advance cooperative robots by National Science Foundation From disaster recovery to caring for the elderly in the home, scientists and engineers are developing robots that can handle critical tasks in close proximity to hu ... Read on »
A day in the life of Robotina by National Science Foundation On the day of the Lego experiment, I roll out of my room early. I scan the lab with my laser, which sits a foot off the floor, and see a landscape of points and planes. ... Read on »
"Green Revolution" changes breathing of the biosphere by National Science Foundation The intense farming practices of the "Green Revolution" are powerful enough to alter Earth's atmosphere at an ever-increasing rate, boosting the seasonal amplitude ... Read on »
Boosts in productivity of corn and other crops modify Northern Hemisphere carbon dioxide cycle by National Science Foundation Each year in the Northern Hemisphere, levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide drop in the summer as plants "inhale," then climb again as they exhale after the growing ... Read on »
Federal budget authority for R&D in FY 2014 rises slightly by National Science Foundation New data indicate that in fiscal year (FY) 2014, Congress gave federal agencies authority to spend $3.2 billion more on research and development and R&D plant (toge ... Read on »
Image description: From the National Archives: World War I... by Image description: From the National Archives : World War I Draft Registration Card for Alphonse Capone. Item From: Records of the Selective Service Sy ... Read on »
Understanding the Clinical Implications of Genetic Testing by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook The Article you are trying to view is password pro ... Read on »
Seventy years ago today, a science policy milestone by National Science Foundation Seventy years ago today--on Nov. 17, 1944--President Franklin Delano Roosevelt wrote a letter asking how to further scientific research post-World War II. Addressed ... Read on »
National Science Board to meet Nov. 19-20, 2014 in Arlington, Va. by National Science Foundation The National Science Board (NSB) will meet Nov. 19-20, 2014, to address science and engineering policy of interest to the National Science Foundation (NSF). Members ... Read on »
Tips for Successful Holiday Shopping by For many people the last few months of the year are all about getting ready for the holidays. From organizing family dinners to festively decorating the house, the holiday ... Read on »