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Your Biological Age - the truth from Health Reviser

Posted Jul 30 2009 12:18am 1 Comment

When you become thinking of your biological age, and about age in general, you want to be young, you want to prove that you're indeed younger than calendar shows. And lots of websites, books, questionnairs are created just to satisfy the wish to be young, at the same time claiming to be the only source of the only valid way to evaluate your real biological age. However, where is the truth? Do you believe in questionnairs to answer the question "What your biological age is?". If you study this subject deeper, you'd find out that it is impossible to assess your biological age. Why? Biological age is an indicator taken from the body. And lots of activities can be performed on the organizm, but the result of these actions is different for every person. 2 persons can answer the same questionnaire identically but can have a huge difference in biological age...

Being aware of this problem, USA scientists and academicians from Europe have spent a few years on research on the subject of biological ageing and came up with a simple to use tool that evaluates biological age of a person in 1 minute. The test can be done at home or at health clubs (where it is very popular now). The tool is called "Health Reviser" and it contains an assessment of the biological age called Biological Age Test. Health Reviser contains a device that monitors the autonomic nervouse system response from the body on a extensive breathing within one minute. As a result of this test you'd not only get the actual true body's age but also recommendations on how to improve it. Health Reviser's Stress Test  was validated in USA Universities and then wrapped into easy-to-use tool for home use and now it's available for everybody.

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I like Biological Age Test from Health Reviser. Just saw some other guys in wellsphere discussing Health Reviser's Biological Age Test vs RealAge.
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