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Why do you think we'e immoral?

Posted Oct 17 2009 12:00am
Here's all someone opposed to vaccination should write about squalene and adjuvants.

----------------------- start-----------------------------------------

This is the situation with the swine flu vaccine and adjuvants, especially one you may have heard about called squalene.

The current situation is this: There is no adjuvant, no squalene, no alum, no aluminum salt in any of the swine flu vaccine that will be used in the United State. It's expected that no adjuvants, squalene, alum or aluminum salt to any swine flu vaccine for the 2009-2010 swine flu season.

There's a very small chance that the CDC might add an adjuvant that contains squalene to the swine flu vaccine. As you know, the strain of flu virus that infects people a month from now can be different from the one that infects people today. It's possible that the new strain might be much more dangerous than the one infecting people now. The CDC and others who think that vaccination is safer than not getting vaccinated say that even if the new flu strain is much more dangerous, that the vaccine they're using now will be pretty good.

So why would the CDC add squalene? They'll do it because if you add the vaccine you get vaccinate four times as many people. And if getting infected is more dangerous, some of the people who decided not to get vaccinated may change their mind and want to get vaccinated as soon as possible. If that happens, the only way to quickly vaccinate them may be to add squalene to the vaccine.

I don't believe that the vaccine works now and I don't believe when they say the flu strain can be more dangerous and yet the vaccine will work...... Inset anything desired here.

------------------------ end ----------------------------

I support swine flu vaccination. But what I've written above is pretty flat.

Anyone who opposes vaccination shouldn't have any problem with an article like this after adding some flourishes. People opposed to vaccination believe that the public isn't being told the truth they need to know to decide whether they're going to get vaccinated. That's all my suggested article does, it give the public information that's as accurate as possible so they can decide to get vaccinated or not on the facts.

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