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Which food have the high protein?

Posted Jul 03 2014 9:19am

1.Milk and dairy foods
Like milk, goat's milk, mare's milk, etc. These are all animals, which contain large amounts of milk protein, milk protein content of which contained the most abundant. Milk not only helps us to add plenty of protein, but also rich in calcium, regular consumption can help us to effectively prevent calcium deficiency situation occurs.

A wide range of meat animals, such as cattle, sheep, pig, dog, chicken, ducks, geese, quail, ostrich, etc. These are all meat cattle meat. Such meat contains essential amino acids, and amino acids of this protein and animal species within the most consistent, so the nutritional value of animal protein than plant-based proteins.

3.Eggs food
Speaking of foods high in protein, eggs, food is a prime example, whether it is eggs, duck or quail eggs, which contained protein yolk proteins are slightly higher. Although yolk protein content is very high, but one egg yolk can contain up to 300 milligrams of cholesterol, so even people without heart disease can not eat egg yolks in peacetime. The cholesterol content of protein is 0, the yolk contains a lot of fat, usually we do not see yolk fat, but you put the egg yolks in a microwave oven can bake you will find a lot of oil flowing out, also in salted egg yolk grease can be seen yolk.

4.Soybean and soy foods
Vegetable protein is also high in protein foods, such as beans, peas and beans and other large, but with the highest nutritional value of soybeans. In the best vegetable protein is soy protein, and also very easy to digest and absorb the body, so soy protein has been the main source of protein for vegetarians. The study also found that regular eating soy can lower cholesterol, but also has anti-cancer effect. And soy protein rich in isoflavones, which is a hormone-like compounds, inhibit the growth of hormonal imbalance caused by tumor cells.

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