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what kind of fungus can cause pain internally and severe itching

Posted by Fergus

red welts and white pimples on my scalp. Severe itching all over my body, hair thinning all over my body.  Told by my boss that I have a parasitic thing associated with mold spores and it came from being bitten by a flea.  I feel like I'm walking or sitting on boils sometimes.  Have had a cyst removed from my breast.  My daughter has gained 70 lbs and loses a lot of hair.  We keep being told that she has adult acne as she has pus filled sores on her face alot.  I was told it's in the dust in my house and I have a "dust bunny" infection.  I go crazy itching at times and doctors say they don't see anything, but I'm told it's coming from inside of me.  I was also told I may have been bitten by a white bug and that people that have been in a flood sometimes get this.  Sometimes my body is so stiff I can't hardly walk and I feel like my body is emitting heat and people around me complain about how hot it is when I feel like this.  I feel like something is moving in my scalp a lot of the time.  When I put my brushes in bleach water I can see something moving in the water.  Doctors tell me that I'm imagining it.  I'm not.  My boss said that some people I work with got a hair fungus.  My daughter's dentist told me that he thinks we have something from being around mouse droppings.
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