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Wakefield Speaks on Sanctions

Posted Apr 05 2010 9:48am
Age of Autism has a  Statement from Dr. Andrew Wakefield Regarding GMC Hearing Sanctions .  Kwombles over at Countering age of Autism has a comment worth reading  as she notes the change from this had nothing to do with MMR to this had  everything to do with MMR .

No one should ever think Wakefield is stupid. The GMC went after Wakefield mostly for two issues.  One, the unethical treatment of the children. Two, the scientific fraud engaged with the publication of the 1998 paper.  Wakefield ignores the scientific fraud issue.

Wakefield writes, 
"Doctors’ regulators have found the three of us - Professor John Walker-Smith, Professor Simon Murch and me - guilty of undertaking research on children with autism without approval from an ethics committee. We can prove, with extensive documentary evidence, that this conclusion is false."
Of course, this is total nonsense.   Wakefield and the others cannot deny the plain facts that they put together a week long protocol investigating children  with the intent that they use the information gained elsewhere -- Wakefield with Legal And and publication. The others just for publication.  That makes it medical research.   See my  Game Over for Wakefield at the Start of the GMC Hearing

My Colleagues are the Victims of Collateral Damage
Showing what a brave man he is, Wakefield wants the GMC to spare his co-conspirators, Walker-Smith and Murch.
Sadly, my colleagues have suffered severe collateral damage in this effort to prevent valid scientific enquiry. They should be exonerated, and left alone with their reputations intact, in the certain knowledge that they have done only what is right. 
I have little doubt that Professor Walker-Smith, because of his sterling reputation, is a victim of the Walkefield charisma and charm. But the conspiracy could never have gone ahead without his participation as he had privileges at the Royal Free hospital and Wakefield did not..  He certainly knew that kids with autism were going through a week of hell when it was not clinically indicated. He was also the public face to the ethics committee.  I have very, very little sympathy for him.
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