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Vitamin D, bone density and fingernail strength are linked

Posted Jan 11 2010 1:28am

Following a series of articles on the role of Vitamin D for in Capital Health, convinced of the theoretical benefits the editor started taking a daily vitamin D supplement. Two months later he observed that his fingernails had become immensely hard and strong. Bob Davidson said:  “I actually had to buy a new pair of clippers as the smaller types of clipper, or even scissors would simply not do the job. My skin also feels healthier and stronger”.

Bob was naturally aware of the essential role of vitamin D on bones, but did not realise just how quickly it seemed to be strengthening his skin and nails. “This comes as a welcome surprise. “I was not unhealthy before, but the effect seems to be similar to the health boost you get following a couple of weeks on the beach”. Of course, this is just one person’s experience, but many people are reporting the same anecdotal evidence. So what’s the science? Can fingernail strength be used as a marker of bone density and strength?

According to a paper in the Journal of Women’s Health -  Anecdotally, patients volunteer reports of increasing hardness of their fingernails within months of starting diverse treatments for osteoporosis. The properties of both nail and bone may be linked in a comparable, measurable way.

The fact that 80% of our normal vitamin D comes from sunlight, it is no small wonder why so many people in the UK suffer from vitamin deficiency and subsequent poor bone health. Bob Davidson says: “in my personal opinion everyone should have their vitamin D level checked and if necessary take a vitamin D supplement. Bone health is an absolutely fundamental factor to an extended quality of life”.

Anyone wanting to be tested or seeking more information can contact the vitamin reference laboratory by clicking here. Here is a link to the article prepared by an accredited supplier of quality vitamin supplements.

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