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VAERS Weird Deaths

Posted Jun 10 2010 11:30pm
VAERS  is the US system for recording reports by anyone on adverse events after vaccination. It is a passive system, because the reports have to come into the system. 

Vaccination opponents often argue that somehow a report to VAERS somehow proves that the vaccine caused the harm. That's not true.

There are 3,229 unique (VAERS ID) reports of death (when I searched in May 2010). Are all of these 3,229 reports to VAERS worthwhile? No. I added the VAERS description and quickly came up with 383175-1. Here is the description:
Information has been received from a consumer via an internet newspaper concerning a patient who on an unspecified date was vaccinated with a dose of GARDASIL. It was reported that a parent can be guilty because if he had known about the side effects, then he might not have allowed the pediatrician to vaccinate the child, which resulted in death (cause of death unspecified). It was unknown if the patient sought medical attention. It was also reported that polysorbato 80 or tween 80 that is a chemical that causes infertility in mice and aluminum which is neurological toxin are in GARDASIL. This is one of several reports from the same source. Additional information is not expected.
A few more:
025520-1 71 yr old male w/presenile dementia, diabetes mellitus, & renal failure received Hepatitis B vaccine, recombinant, 40 mcg, IM. Dialysis shunt became infected Dx w/sepsis therapy initiated w/flucloxacillin, however pt died that day.
You can select the onset intravel. How long after the vaccination did the event occur? I chose over 120 days.
063883-1 6-11 month old "Reporter claims pt died from pertussis vax; pt went through hell & never had a chance @ life
348907-1 Father vaccinated against anthrax in 2000. Reports death of son in 2009. Child died of pneumonia.
252078-1 Prevnar "..The subject expired due to asphyxiation 319 days post immunizati on...The coroners office determined that the cause of death was a bean in the subjects trachea."
206893-1 "This subject is a 9 month old female, who was enrolled in a Phase IV P3T08 (Daptacel) study. The subject received two doses of study vaccine; the last dose prior to the event was given on 12/27/02. The subject died of multiple system organ failure due to near-drowning, 163 days post-immun ization."
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