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Using Kodak or Matin Film Leader Extractor Tool

Posted Apr 15 2012 6:35pm
It has been a long time since I've posted an entry.

I haven't used 35mm film for a long, long time. I'm selling some stuff on ebay, including a Kodak film extractor. The tool pulls the leader from the inside of a film cassette.

Unfortunately, the extractor doesn't have an instruction sheet.  And if  you just try to follow the visual instructions, it can be very frustrating. So I had to learn how to use it again. I've posted a video to youtube (see below) showing the Kodak extractor in action..

The Kodak extractor is the same design as the Matin extractor. The original Matin instructions are also below.

The keys to using the Kodak or Matin extractor are
  1. With the spindle down turn the spindle a few times counter-clockwise.
  2. Make sure the film is inserted completely into the tool  AND stays inserted completely.
  3. The slides should move easily. If they don't, start over.
  4. With first slide all the way over, hold close to ear, turn spindle counter-clockwise  and stop as soon as you hear a click. 
You probably should watch the video first.  You may not need to follow the overly detailed Matin instructions.

 Kodak Film Extractor Tool showing the side with Visual Instructions. The visual instructions work when you use the other side of the extractor.

 Kodak Extractor Side Without Visual Instructions. It is the same design as the Matin.  In the video, this side is used once the cassette is inserted to follow the visual instructions.


Correction In two places, I say turn the spindle clockwise.
 I meant counter-clockwise which is what I'm doing in the video.

Original Matin Film Extractor Instructions

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