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US no Squalene - no Adjuvant Canada will use a Squalene Adjuvant

Posted Oct 19 2009 12:00am
 Linda, the CBC story was confusing. There's no change to Canada's plans.

Stop claiming the US vaccine uses an adjuvant . That's a lie.

-- Canada
98% of Canadian vaccine, including what I'll get, will have an adjuvant. The rest is for pregnant women and others who get uncomfortable. I expect most pregnant will end up getting vaccine with adjuvant. The adjuvanted vaccine consists of 3.75mcg of virus material (the US uses 15mcg per dose) plus GSK's AS03 adjuvant.

US testing
--- This fall the US will test 3.75 mcg virus material plus GSK's AS03 squalene adjuvant on a couple of hundred healthy VOLUNTEERS with results in spring 2010.**

** American officials have obtained permission for daily helicopter sweeps over major Canadian cities to count the dead.***

*** That ..satire. Here's what Canadian and US experts expert. The adjuvanted vaccine (Canada) was more effective in preventing flu than the non-adjuvanted vaccine (US). Vaccinated Canadians had a higher rate pain and soreness. There was no higher rate of serious side-effects (if any) from its use on millions of Canadians. A similar adjuvant, MF59, has already been shown safe in 40 million European vaccinatio­ns.*******

******Please change "Paid by Big Pharma to lie and mislead" to "A Canadian who doesn't belong here who is paid by Big Pharma to lie and mislead."
Persuasion thru fairness starts with a name that tell you what I believe:
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