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Tumescent Liposuction- Safer than Traditional Liposuction

Posted Nov 20 2012 7:09am
Liposuction is becoming safer with the recent technological medical advances. Especially with the introduction of tumescent liposuction, the procedure is easier than ever. Imagine being able to have the contours of your body shaped and refined using only a local anesthetic. With tumescent liposuction in St. Louis this is possible. Large amounts of fat are able to be removed much more gently and with virtually no blood loss. On top of the fact that the technique is proven to be a lot safer than traditional liposuction, it is also less painful.
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For years patients have been undergoing the liposuction procedure with the use of a general anesthesia. Of the patients that had went in for a second liposuction procedure and chose to have tumescent liposuction, they said that they received even better results with less pain. Using a dilute solution of lidocaine in combination with epinephrine, liposuction surgeons are able to receive optimal results without general anesthesia.
An additional benefit of the tumescent liposuction procedure is that because the patient is awake during the procedure, the doctor is able to have their patient shift positions to optimize effectiveness and reach hard to hit places accurately. The doctor can also more easily evaluate the refinements made to the area. As the patient is awake, the procedure is also a lot gentler. This in turn leads to an easier recovery time with less swelling and bruising.
Liposuction in St. Louisallows for patients to get the body that they want when diet and exercise are not effective. In the tumescent technique there is very little bleeding because of the epinephrine used. This drug causes for the capillaries to constrict. Several surgeons that previously performed liposuction under general anesthesia have switched to the tumescent technique because of there being no risk with general anesthesia.
If you are ready to take the next step and think that tumescent liposuction is right for you, then you need to start your process by find a cosmetic surgeon that is experienced and board-certified. Having an expert plastic surgeon perform the procedure has a lot to do with the outcome of your procedure. By looking at a variety of before and after pictures you can see the types of results they were able to achieve for other patients. Also, be armed with questions for your consultation. A great surgeon will objectively be able to answer all of your questions and make you feel comfortable.
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