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Truth About Detox Diet

Posted May 04 2013 11:18am


A detox diet strategy, also known as a cleanse, may sound appealing: Who wouldn't want to rid their body system of dangerous toxins? The social push behind these detox diet claim that toxins from water and food get stuck in our abdominal systems, and other parts of our bodies, and need to be removed. But when it comes to exactly what these toxins are and why we need to get rid of them, there has not been much in the way of effective evidence.

There are many types of detox diet. Most are meant for short-term use to get rid of or detoxify your system. Although there may be some immediate weight-loss associated with cleansing, reducing body weight is not the main objective for most of these detox diet. Detox diet may involve periods of going on a fast, consuming only fluids, eliminating certain foods, herbal supplements, or even the use of enemas to cleanse your colon.

Many detox diets eliminate processed foods and animal products while emphasizing fresh fruits and vegetables. Other detox regimens increase the amount of water or juice that the individual consumes. Eating natural foods, eliminating processed foods, and increasing fruits and vegetables can be good for digestive health. There are detox diets that last one day and detox diets that last four weeks. You can detox on raw foods or lemonade. Here are some examples of popular detox plans:

Master Cleanse. First introduced in the 1940s, the Master Cleanse may start with a phase that has you drinking only lemonade made from spring water, lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper for up to two weeks.

Fast-Track Detox Diet strategy. This detox diet strategy claims you will reduce up to eight pound and get rid of so-called fattening toxins. The diet strategy plan starts with organic foods and then moves on to fruit juices and psyllium husks or ground flaxseed to stimulate your colon. The total diet lasts for 11 days.

Jump-Start Juice extractor. The diet strategy plan's a combination seven-day weight-loss and detoxify. The diet strategy plans based around eating only raw fresh fruits and fresh vegetables for a whole week.

Other popular detox diets include You Are What You Eat, Fruit Flush, Quantum Wellness, and the Martha's Vineyard Detox diet, which claims followers, will lose 21 pounds in 21 days.

Possible Pros of a Detox Diet

Improved function of your renal system and liver.
Increased energy and vitality.
Arousing the mind and spirit.
Quick jump-start to a weight-loss program
Improved ability to fight off various diseases

Cons and Risks of Cleansing Diets

 Often detox diets have a placebo effect where the individual feels better because he believes that he is doing something healthy for his body, while in reality, he may be doing more harm than good by causing nutrient deficiencies.

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