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Top Los Angeles Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery

Posted Dec 17 2012 6:22am

In Hollywood, everyone calls it by its derogatory name: “nose job.”   But the correct technical term for a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of your nose is “rhinoplasty.” Done properly, and with realistic expectations, it can be a proper means of self-improvement

You may also call it popular. In 2008, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) reported that revision rhinoplasty was one of the most commonly-performed surgical cosmetic procedures in the United States.

And the most number of skilled plastic surgeons who specialize in rhinoplasty are found around Beverly Hills.

Revision Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills
If you’re in Beverly Hills to get such a procedure, don’t just go to any plastic surgeon.   Find one who is practical and concerned with your overall health, just as much as he is concerned with aesthetics.

First, you will need a Beverly Hills surgeon with that specific kind of experience and skill.   Find one who actually does at least four rhinoplasty procedures per week.   Revision rhinoplasty is easily one of the most complex surgical procedures around. It revises as much as 10 to 15 percent of your existing appearance, and poses certain co nsequences on everyday functions, such as breathing, speaking, sneezing, and coughing.

Given the possible physical side effects of nose job surgery Los Angeles, you’ll also have to pick a surgeon who is certified by the AAFPRS and is also a certified otolaryngologist or “ENT” (ear-nose-throat) specialist. This will help you avoid functional breathing problems stemming from awkwardly-executed rhinoplasties. At its worst, you may still need additional corrective surgery after the initial rhinoplasty. But a doubly-certified surgeon can keep such additional procedures at a minimum.

Caveat Emptor
No matter how skilled the plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills are, bear in mind that they aren’t miracle workers.

The truth is, not every person is a good candidate for revision rhinoplasty. This procedure can only be performed if the surgeon is sure that it will improve a patient’s breathing and vocal tone, while correcting any deformities or irregularities in a nose’s appearance.

Deformations that such surgeons can correct may include:
·          Previously-botched rhinoplasty work (where the result is a nose that looks unnatural)
·          “Saddle”-like deformities
·          Follow-up anatomical work on previous cleft-palate corrective procedures
·          Twisted or broken noses
·          Crooked noses (turned downward or upward)

Bear in mind as well that, depending on the original condition of the patient’s nose at the time they present themselves to a Beverly Hills surgeon, the finished results of the rhinoplasty may leave a slight scar to one small side of the nose. A proper surgeon should be honest enough to mention this to you, if this is the case. But on the whole, such scars are marks that can be discreetly covered up by a dab of makeup for both men and women.

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