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Testicular Cancer May Cause Positive Pregnancy Test Results

Posted Nov 08 2012 12:00am

Guest Post by David Cooper
A primary chemical produced by testicular cancer may cause a false positive pregnancy test for males. Testicular cancer causes the production of the chemical, beta human chorionic gonadotrophin (beta-HCG). Developing placenta also produces this chemical, causing a pregnancy test to give a positive result when coming in contact the urine of a man with testicular cancer – the test literally assumes the urine is coming from a pregnant woman with developing placenta.
Testicular cancer is a cancer that forms in tissues of either one or both testicles. It is most common in young or middle-aged men and has no symptoms. According to the American Cancer Society, testicular cancer develops in one in 270 men during their lifetimes. Fortunately for those who are diagnosed, it has the highest cure rate compared to other cancers. The risk of death from testicular cancer is 1 in 5,000. Treatments are very successful. but left untreated it can  metastasize (spread) to other parts of the body which could increase the complications and risk of death. This information – while known by many physicians – is not known by the majority of the general public. Also, most people, especially men, would not think to take a pregnancy test unless they thought they might be pregnant. However, when a man found a pregnancy test his ex-girlfriend left behind in his medicine cabinet, he thought it would be a fun experiment to see what happened when he used it. The man, after taking the pregnancy test, was shocked when he saw that the results were positive. Thinking it was a clear – and funny – mistake, he created a comic about his experience and imminent pregnancy and posted it in an online social media forum. When users online viewed the comic, many laughed and poked fun. But then one person commented that testicular cancer could be the cause of the false positive, and people stopped laughing. The online user said that the man should visit a physician immediately. The man took the online users advice and upon visiting a physician, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The physician agreed that the testicular cancer had caused the pregnancy test to give a false positive result. As the cancer was caught quickly and hadn’t had the chance to metastasize, it could be treated. The male thanked the online user profusely, as the person’s online diagnosis had saved his life. Although testicular cancer can be treated, if left untreated it may metastasize to other regions of body and even the brain. If the cancer spreads, treatments including surgery, radiosurgery (such as gammaknife surgery ), and chemotherapy are available options. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), certain types of ovarian cancer, trophoblastic tumors (uterine cancer) and hydatidiform moles (moles that grow inside the uterus during pregnancy), also produce the same beta-HCG chemical. Although the NIH does not recommend men to routinely take pregnancy tests, if one does and a false positive test result occurs, it would be best to visit a physician.
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