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Teaching your child about having a healthy body

Posted Jul 27 2012 12:00am
The rise in childhood obesity is all over the news. While it seems that this greater awareness would help combat the growing number of kids that are overweight - but unfortunately the numbers (and waistlines) only continue to climb.

Despite all of the media coverage, government programs, and societal push to make our kids healthier - the real responsibility to change the way that American kids live their live falls squarely upon the shoulders of the current and the next generation of parents.

Kids Must Understand Their Bodies

While teaching good eating habits and encouraging plenty of exercise are good practice - it means nothing to children if they don’t understand HOW these things affect their body. It is imperative for parents to begin educating their kids about how their body works and how things like food and exercise make them healthier.

For young babies and pre-school aged children, simple games, demonstration, and leading by example are wonderful ways for them to learn. But, by as they approach school-age it is important that you provide them with plenty of educational materials, such as books, dvds and games which will help them develop a sense of how the body works.

Encyclopedia reference giant, World Book, has created a great line of such materials for kids including their Human Body Works, which, like their encyclopedia about science books, are well illustrated and suitable for a wide range of ages.

Books and other learning materials, such as the Human Body Works series, really help kids understand, and appreciate, the way that human body works. Through this they build respect for their own bodies and are encouaged to take responsibiliy for they way that they care for themselves.

Kids who take pride in their knowledge about health and who choose actions (such as proper diet and exercise) based upon this knowledge are building the foundation for lifelong healthy habits.
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