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Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer - New Gynaecological Expert Guide

Posted Aug 23 2011 5:51am

In an expert article for totalhealth, Consultant Oncologist Mary McCormack provides women with an excellent self-awareness guide, along with practical help for anyone concerned about ovarian cancer .

For most women the changes are subtle, but Ovarian Cancer symptoms include:

  • an expanding waistline despite a loss of appetite,
  • weight loss especially noticeable on face and limbs
  • bloating - symptoms often erroneously attributed, by the patient, to the change in life (i.e. menopauseThe time of a woman’s life when her ovaries stop releasing an egg (ovum) on a monthly cycle.).  
  • The most common symptom of advanced disease is abdominalRelating to the abdomen, which is the region of the body between the chest and the pelvis. pain.
  • Some women may experience a change in bowelA common name for the large and/or small intestines. habit –new onset constipationa common condition where stools are not passed as frequently as normal or diarrhoeaWhen bowel evacuation happens more often than usual, or where the faeces are abnormally liquid. often resulting in a referral to a bowel specialist. 

Mary McCormack explains how treatment of ovarian cancer is becoming increasingly complex with the emergence of new agents and different chemotherapyThe use of chemical substances to treat disease, particularly cancer. schedules.  Complete removal of all visible cancer by an experienced cancer gynaecologist and assessment by a specialist ovarian cancer doctor is critical to patient outcome.  It is therefore imperative that women with ovarian cancer are managed by a team of doctors with expertise in this disease. 

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