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strata UGG Sundance Limited Edition

Posted Nov 02 2012 2:58am
the back ground inside early points a point for someone, Zhen Nan although heart main force settle, can be pointed a point, still very suffered!Finally hereafter can really straight waist pole.Luo China is quiet to sit in silence in the notebook-whistle, and the girl friend's chat has been already ended."My destiny unexpectedly changed so."The still within hearing outside in Luo's China ear spreads of badge weak a burst of sedan trumpet voice, this is base City, prosperous noisy and safe matchless base City.But his elder brother, but is at faraway but again dangerous of three greatly and nearly of one Australia big 6!The brothers is 2 people, be placed in a different place, just like in two worlds.But elder brother, now but have already stood at the key figures of this world, talk all is directly say'beautiful benefit hard government"talk that money all is about 10,000,000,000 for the unit."Elder brother!Thank!"The silent way in Luo China heart.On the earth three greatly and nearly of one Australia is big 6, this Australia is big 6 medium extremely mysterious inside 11 fog islands in the place.In the cave in fog underground rock strata UGG Sundance Limited Edition in the island.Is darkly matchless in the cave, unclearly invite invite, only Luo Feng's communication watch screen is a little shining, this is only faintly green, more unattractive in the dark cave, the misty shadow that can make people unwillingly see 1 crossing legs to sit in silence, Luo Feng at the moment just original in the self-discipline gene ability, didn't once know how long as well.In the dark cave, Luo Feng opened eyes."H'm, I this arm is much better."Luo Feng wielded left arm, at the beginning the left hand of bone fracture don't know that Lee to show off as well to is dead in the lake and still arrived at fog island."Seeing for a while communication watch is already many at 3:00 p.m.."Go up to have a look, always not the ability is always foolish here."Luo once the Feng intention move, three quickly passing times immediately each other revolves, just like a sharp awl, directly the sting breaks the upper level rock, the western Luo Feng hands are in the top of head on matching, hands at the right moment in 3 after flying knife quickly passing time, the whole individual immediately and with an upward exposure square hurtle!Chi Chi~~~the Luo's Feng body skin can compare diamonds to all want many body of elementary grade war absolute being layer of being severe, forcing to step intos at present now, be attack by surprise a UGG Sundance II Boots 5325 gun to wear A to play to all break not to open skin.Luo the Feng hands compare on matching a sharp platinum of Mao iron to want severe of many, there are still three handles in much less front fly knife to open a new road, more easy.The straight line is upwards!When however Luo Feng drill into the route Ugg Suburb Crochet Boots of underground intentionally and at the beginning, slightly some Zhuis-do not, just a little deviate 1:00, Luo Feng don't think a to emit a head drive that willow attack king."!"The voice of a pain and sufferings ambiguously spreads from the earth's surface, the soil spreads a sound effective, war" is this the person's voice?"Luo's Feng eyes a bright" directly fog island also someone?"Luo Feng momentary's associating is Li Yao!Sou!Luo the Feng degree still don't dare too quickly and more is close to an earth's surface degree more slow, at the same time spirit**the dint early fill the air to open fully 55 meters scope and and then and silently have no Luo Feng of voice interest to silently emit a head, exactly in a weed cluster."Yi?"Luo Feng's one eye sees Li Yao in whole body black in the distance.The Li Yao's facial expression is pale at the moment, the corner of mouth has blood stain, but the eyes have Hai the person's bright color."Burst!"Burst!Li Yao connect spew out two people's blood, the dead dead stares at nine robust willows of distance, Luo Feng sees a form not from dark way:"See, this Lee showed off to once experience this willow of uncanny, once suffered a los as well."Is me, Wei Ni Nuo!"Lee shows off over against the communication watch, too agitated connect a way."Show off-, what matter?"The Wei Ni Nuo Ci Qiao."We, we, I now at of a group of islands is a group of islands that owns an endless wealth endless treasure thing.I already now lead 12 plants it works properly."Li Yao suppresses not to live concussion.Ps:Chapter 1 arrives.The fourth gathers an exorbitant price to hang to appreciate chapter 51 plant, it works properlyWhat do you say again?The voices of Wei Ni Nuo all changed."That's right, is a plant, it works properly!"Li Yao connects to say.", God!You say you already dhksjfhfhk now do 12 grass woodses work properly?You didn't play trick?"Is far the Wei Ni in Parisian base City Nuo, already excitedly not ability from already.She really knows this plant, it works properly 'BE what trifle, also knowing this plant its value for working properly is how astonishing, this absolutely is let person's eye Chan more than the everywhere gold.Hide in the distance, also do Luo Feng who emit the head to listen to from the earth's surface the eyebrows is tiny
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