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Spreading out the Vaccine Schedule - Why?

Posted Mar 28 2010 10:59am
A rant against a parent who only spread out the vaccinations of her child because of the bad reactions to the vaccine and who thinks Jennie McCarthy in not anti-vaccination. Original  here.   

Elsewhere , I explained why it is fair to call Jenny McCarthy a vaccination opponent.You cannot overwhelm an infants or child's immune system by giving too many vaccines at one time. Your child's reactions would not have changed if you had followed the schedule. Believe it or not, people actually thought about the schedule. People who went to school for many years and have careers in these areas. You know, experts.

Even Dr.Sears has a really, really hard time explaining the benefit of a modified schedule for the simple reason that there is none. There is one benefit, supposedly it mollifies parents who might not otherwise vaccinate their kids. 

Spreading out the schedule puts your kid at risk for zero benefit. What's worse is you are now proudly proclaiming the gospel of spread out schedules. Who knows, people might listen and eventually you and all your right minded friends will succeed in putting a child in a grave.

The trend, believe or not, is to give more vaccines in a single shot to cut down on the number of shots needed. Hexavalent (6) disease protecting vaccines are very common in Europe, where they hate GMOs. Different cultures have their own bugaboos. In the US, it is the timing of the vaccine schedule.
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