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Shaping yoga make you have a good physique

Posted Nov 11 2013 6:13am
Usually we practice yoga are conducted on land. Today we are going to learn the 7-in water yoga, water yoga and water fitness, as generally in the 1 to 1.4 m deep pond proceed. Water yoga workout can adjust our body's glands, organs, nerves, heart and lung function, exercise extrinsic muscles, body sculpture, cultivating temperament.

1.month after the prayer ceremony back
 1) standing, feet lunge stand.
 2) on the back of his hands together in prayer, arms raised upward as far as possible.
 3) breathing, body leant backwards, while the rise, try to head leaned fingertip position.
 4) Restore breath after a period of residence.
 Note: Do not be too behind palms force himself carried to reach the heights they can not prevent sprained joints, even  if only a little bit of lift does not matter, progressive training, the more you can lift your arms higher.
 Efficacy: to strengthen the shoulder, arm and back flexibility and strength of the spine, stretching the intervertebral  space, the problem of the cervical spine have a good help, while helping the body to correct bad posture, upright  funding body, and enhance control.

2.Extreme style
 1) Stand with feet together.
 2) Stretch your arms upward, palms together. Knees bent forward squat. Straight ahead.
 3) and then restore to a standing position. Note: Imagine you're sitting on a chair. Do not lean forward.
 Efficacy: strengthening exercises ankle, calf, inner thighs and back strength.

3.moths control
 1) stand. The hands grasp the instep of his right foot bent up the leg, thigh lift as much as possible.
 2) Hold this position, I feel the front thigh is fully extended.
 3) to stand down after a period of time to restore, switch legs. Each side of each exercise 3 to 5 times.
 Note: keep the body balanced, the body stand straight as possible, the limb fully extended.
 Efficacy: Exercise control over the body and legs, stretch, slender thigh muscles.

4.a type of tree control
 1) Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart, toes forward, the eyes attention to the point parallel to the line of  sight.
 2) Inhale, place one hand fingers close together, and slowly lifted up to the top of the head, while the feet heel  lifted up to the maximum.
 3) Hold this position for as long as possible, up as far as the whole spine upright. Note: The heel lift as much as  possible to the maximum, arms and spine extended upward to the maximum possible. Eyes fixed on the front of a fixture,  natural breathing, keep calm thinking.
 Efficacy: Exercise leg strength, leg circumference slender, upright posture, correct the bad body posture, improve the  body's ability to control.

5.Eagle balance
 1) stand. Knees, his left foot from the front of the coiled other leg, toes hooked one leg calf.
 2) With the knob leg, left hand from his right arm above the elbow around, palms together in prayer grips the heart  with his right hand, and then the body slowly stand up straight, arms straight as possible flip outward, while  maintaining body balance.
 3) With the increasing pressure on the ankle to maintain a balance.
 4) Restore stand. Repeat the other side. Knees, right foot coiled from the front left leg, toes hooked left leg calf.  To maintain this position, and finally restored.
 Note: The forward look. Do not be too loose coiled.
 Efficacy: to strengthen the ankle and waist strength, ease calf cramps. control
 1) will be a leg up around the other leg, eyes fixed on a point parallel to the line of sight, his hands raised above  the side crank up.
 2) Keep an eye fixed on the front of the power leg lifted while the arm to the far side of the body launched standing  leg heel is tilted up, try to keep balance. Hold this position for as long as possible.
 Note: Lift the leg as far as possible to maintain body balance, arms extended upward as far as possible and spine, eyes  fixed on the front of a fixture, natural breathing, keep calm thinking.
 Efficacy: exercise thigh and calf muscles, improve the body's ability to control the middle. leg prayer ceremony
 1) standing on one foot, the other foot on the inside of the thigh standing.
 2) the head, neck and shoulders in the same horizontal plane, chin parallel to the ground, broad shoulders and chest,  labored without any sense of pressure, slightly abdomen.
 3) waist, stand straight in a normal and comfortable position. Hands together in prayer in the chest.
 4) two fixed on the same level in front of any object while standing leg bent slowly to the maximum. Hold for 5 to 7  minutes.
 Note: dizziness or balance problems in patients, as well as hypotension careful to do.
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