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Retractable Awnings Wind Sensor

Posted Oct 18 2012 7:22am
Retractable awning provides shelter for the open area near your home, offices, shop and other. These awnings help to get rid of weather and save energy by reducing power consumption. Retractable awnings are widely available in different colors and patterns. These retractable awnings have different types such as window awning, patio awning, retractable awning and more. They provide protection from UV rays and showers.

For installation these awnings, you pay some money to carpenter or handyman. The average costs for the installation of retractable awning are $170 to $300.You can install awning yourself by using some easy tips and can save money.

How you can install your retractable awning? Here are few steps to successfully install such as:

1.    At first, take out all the parts of awning and know about them.

2.    Select the height at which position you want to install the awning. It depends on pitch of your awning and height where you want the front rail of awning.

3.    Mark the line across the exterior wall at the height you want to install. You should level line using carpenter’s level.

4.    You should know about structural element of the exterior wall using stud finder. Because wind is a major factor so they should securely mounted to studs, headers or joists.
5.    Find the center of stud. For this, drill small holes below the line until you find outer edge. Now for the center of the stud draw a vertical line through the hole. Fill all the other holes with silicon sealant.

6.    Now use the brackets of awning. You have to use them along the vertical line and according to your awning size.

7.    Now install hood on the mounting brackets according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

8.    Now use bar of the awning into the mounting brackets. All the bolts and washers should be used at appropriate place.

9.    Unwrap the pitch now and according to preference adjust it.

Using above simple tips, you can easily install your retractable awning.

Retractable Awnings can be found as weather resistant material options or as compact metal styles. They are traded in many shops as pre-fabricated sets. For the objective of this conversation we will take a look at retractable awnings installation by a professional on a contemporary house. We recommend that you implement one of our approved, qualified programs for retractable awning, external screen treatments, or rolltop the canopy. products are extremely well made, and because of the quality of components, they are bulkier than most awnings marketed in the California, USA.
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