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Remedies of Sinus Congestion

Posted Dec 25 2012 12:50pm

The people who facing chronic have following problems for 12 weeks or more that are facial pain, facial pressure, facial congestion, facial fullness, nasal obstruction, nasal blockage, thick nasal discharge, nasal discolored and fever. They are also facing the problem of headache, bad breath. These conditions occurred due to some causes.  You can take few natural sinus congestion remedies that will decrease the force of sinus congestions.

Spicy and hot foods are good and reliable. If you like hot food then you won’t have the problem of decongesting. Hot chili papers and black papers make your nose running in soon. Inhale fresh onion then you need a tissue for blowing your nose because onion will be open your blockage nose in a second and you will feel better.

In Sinus congestion if you use garlic in hot soup then you see the result of this home remedies in just some time. Garlic is one of the most effective remedies in the condition of sinus congestion. If you make soup and insert some tomatoes, hot chili paper, black chili paper and garlic and use it few coups in a day and use this remedies until or unless your problem is solved.

Keep your house clean because it is a major problem in nasal congestion patients. You need to be very careful if you don’t clean your house. If you have little children and pets then you have to clean your house five times a day. You just replace your carpet with wooden floor or tiled. If you can not replace then use some high quality vacuum cleaner. Creating cleanliness is most important in sinus congestion home remedies.

Sinus Congestion is very harmful but if you take care of yourself in proper way then you can easily get rid of sinus congestion in very short time. Steam inhaling is also including the remedies. If you use some hot water and include in water some necessary oil then take inhale of steam you will see the result of your inhaling steam. Firstly you just feel that your blockage of nose is been opened and you can easily breath and secondly your head will be find some sort of rest. Be careful and use towel during inhaling steam water.

  Definitely Saline solution is also very important in sinus congestion remedies. It is very famous alternative of counter nasal drops. What you need to perform is boil a cup of water and insert in a pinch of salt and add a teaspoon of baking soda in water. Let it cool and take a couple of drops in your each nostril when you need fast relief of nasal congestion.

Mucinex is one of the most important home treatments of sinus congestion. Lot of people agrees with the use of mucinex. I know many people feel hesitation for using of mucinex in nasal infection. After using many natural treatments and feeling very bad then we use to go to a doctor and what doctor do. Doctor just prescribes mucinex and said for some rest. Yes without any antibiotics just mucinex. Many studies proof that mucinex is very effective in sinus congestion.

I think that these remedies of sinus congestion will be helpful in your sinus infection and you will be fine shortly so continue reading and get rid of sinus.


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