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Reading instruction over the Internet

Posted Aug 24 2008 2:03pm
I have just completed another session of reading instruction over the Internet, with great results again! I used my Primary Program and then made some modifications to suit this learner. He is 9 years old and has significant language problems. I learned very early on that I had to greatly reduce my verbiage! I also learned that in general I talk too much! It was a difficult adjustment for me. I worked closely with his mother to guage his energy level, as he was quiet and didn't express much.I started to be able to read his body language and finally found the right balance. When I was talking too much he tended to sag a little, and lean back, away from the computer. Having said that, he did respond to the story telling element of the program. But, don't most children respond to stories?

Here's what I mean.

For the lesson about R controlled vowels I have a fairly elaborate story about the Boss being a bad guy who extorts money... as I was telling the story I could see my learner, listening intently. A few minutes went by and I heard a giggle that chimed in with his. I asked, "Is there someone in the room with you T?" Suddenly a little head slid into view at the left side of the screen- his little sister. I said hello... and then another head appeared at the other side of the screen- his older sister who I had taught earlier! She said, "We knew you were going to tell this story today!" We all had a good laugh, then I went on with the story.

I will be doing another reading clinic online with a learner in Alberta in the first weeks of September. I hope it goes as well as the first two. The little girl is going to be visiting her grandmother in a town about an hour from here at the end of August, so this time we will start in-person. I look forward to seeing if it makes any difference.
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