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Pre-Medical school and Medical School Personal Statement

Posted Apr 28 2011 7:12am

The program leading to Associate Health Sciences (AS) focuses on the achievement of pre-medical requirements for his doctoral thesis. The program provides university-level courses in humanities and pre-medical school courses in a two-year program. This track is designed for highly motivated high school students who are committed to medicine and are ready to begin their medical studies immediately maturity. It's also a way for non-traditional students seeking to pay the necessary prerequisite courses for entry into the MD program AUA.

Premed Advisors

Not all pre-med advisers are created equal. If you are not satisfied with your counselor and see if you can discreetly (and tactfully) switch. Many training consultants "to do is read a brochure describing the required courses. A good adviser will go beyond that to advise you on what to take classes, and thousands of additional items.

Pre-Medical degree does not guarantee that you will be accepted into medical school. Pre-Medicine is a curriculum designed to best prepare you for the MCATs (the Medical College Admission Test) and for the rigors of medical school. Rich in biology and chemistry, this major dovetails neatly into several other related areas of study (such as chemistry, biology, and biochemistry). It also provides a solid background in physics and mathematics.

If you declare Pre-Medicine as your major, be prepared to forget about a social life from time to time. Colleges design Pre-Med programs to weed out prospective applicants to Medical School read: organic chemistry). Med schools can only accept a certain number of students a year because a limited number of doctors may be licensed in the United States each year.

So if the thought of hundreds of hours of organic chemistry study notes that attracts you in a strange way, if it relates to the urgency of one of their "stories", if you think Gray's Anatomy member made an interesting read , or if you think you can really study more than most of his friends for four years, and pre-medicine could be for you.

Medical School Personal Statement

The medical school personal statement is your best chance to sell yourself in the committee of medical school admission. If they read the personal statement, you probably have removed the original numbers on the screen. This means that the results of MCAT and GPA range of media.

Medical school admission officials often emphasize that they do not care what you want to write your own essay. They stress this because most writers try too hard to meet the expectations of their imagined readers, discarding all his personality in the process. Of course there is truth in their advice: you should write in order to express their values and pass characteristics are most important to you. But you need to use your creative eye to the issues and stresses that it allows the candidate's ability in medicine. Ultimately, the goal is not only the resignation of a good person, but to get the admission and medical school.

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