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Outsource Medical Transcription to Minimize Your Workload

Posted Apr 26 2012 6:53am

Whether an individual practice or hospital, group practice, acute care facility, outpatient clinic, rehabilitation center or nursing facility, you should outsource medical transcription to minimize your workload. It is difficult to manage both patient care and clinical documentation simultaneously. You wouldn’t be able to do full justice to either of the tasks. Owing to tedious and monotonous nature of the task, errors are likely to occur in transcription and this could prove very costly to you. When you outsource, you have more time to devote to patients care, while having the assurance that your medical documentation is being handled professionally.

How the Medical Transcription Company Reduces your Workload

• No Need to Manage Software or Training – You don’t have to worry about recruiting new people for the job, or about providing them with the necessary training and software. You also don’t have to worry about what to do if one or more of your employees are on leave, thereby causing to a backlog issue.

• No HIPAA compliance worries – The responsibility of ensuring HIPAA compliance for transcription would rest with the service provider. Monitoring would be done at intervals to ensure that all guidelines are adhered to.

• Quality Audits to Ensure Accuracy – Your service provider would take care of this. The general strategy is a three-tiered process involving editors, medical editors and proof readers.

• Updating and Archiving – The services provided by the professional outsourcing company would make it easier and less time-consuming for you to manage and retrieve medical documents.

Other Benefits

Using outsourced medical transcription services assures many other gains:

• Experience and expertise for multiple specialties

• Experience and skill to cover a wide variety of medical records

• HL7 interface

• Electronic/digital signature facility

• Web-based review and editing enabled

• Different dictation and file transfer methods to choose from

• Choice of having transcription done within the US or performed by low-cost manpower in offshore countries such as India or the Philippines

• As far as possible, all your projects would be handled by the same team of transcriptionists

• Work reports delivered with the desired frequency

• Feeds for EPM or EHR

• Billing based on 65 character line

• No fees for underlining, bolding, headers or footers

• Cost savings of up to 40 percent

• Reduced backlog

• Convenient turnaround

• Free Trial

All these factors prove that outsourcing medical transcription can indeed minimize your workload and give you a host of other benefits as well.

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