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Open Letter to Dr. Ransom About His Testimony that MD Faculty Members Do Not Want to Teach His DO Students

Posted Mar 03 2011 10:00am

Dr Ransom presented in his testimony that ‘culture’ is the primary reason why MDs want to teach MD students and DOs want to teach DOs students.

We respectfully and fundamentally disagree with this statement. We believe that MDs and DOs at all levels are true professionals and are passionate about teaching and passing on their medical arts to ALL medical students regardless of race, sex, national origin, or osteopathic/allopathic degree/heritage/philosophy. We further believe that Dr Ransom’s statement regarding such alleged ‘culture’ only reflects a miniscule minority within the MDs and DOs community.
Moreover, is Dr Ransom implying in his testimony that a majority of his clinical faculty members ‘CULTURALLY’ DO NOT WANT to teach his TCOM DO medical students? (Note: 2/3 of clinical faculty members at UNTHSC are MDs). If Dr Ransom truly believes that, we respectfully ask that he undertake immediate and appropriate measures to ensure that his TCOM DO medical students are not ‘short-changed’ by the  ‘culture’ of  MD faculty members at his state-funded institution. We believe that those hard working and dedicated DO medical students deserve it. Indeed, we believe that the state of Texas deserves and expects this, at the very least, as well.
Clearly, we believe that the word ‘culture’ that Dr Ransom used in his testimony is a euphemism for ‘discrimination’ or ‘bias’ by one group against another. We believe that there is no place for such discriminatory behavior and attitude in the healthcare system and in the training of medical students, doctors and future healthcare providers.
In contrast to Dr Ransom’s testimony, we do not believe that such attitude and behavior are pervasive within the healthcare industry. Subsequently, we respectfully ask that Dr Ransom substantiates his testimony of such discriminatory ‘culture’ by providing evidence/proof and documentation to the TX legislature so that it can further evaluate such claims.
His testimony on such ‘culture’, if true, would be contrary to federal and state laws and should not be tolerated any level and certainly not at any publicly-funded hospital or institution.
Finally, we believe that the way to eradicate discrimination and unequal treatment of TX’s medical students is to eliminate such ‘culture’ and not perpetuate it by creating an MD medical program to ‘feed’ it. We believe that it is fundamentally and morally wrong to support such institutional discrimination. We think that it would be incumbent upon the TX legislature to decry such ‘culture’, if it exists, and advise Dr Ransom and UNTHSC to do same.
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