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Non-surgical treatment options for osteoarthritis

Posted Nov 29 2011 4:03am

Treatment for osteoarthritisA disease mainly of the large joints of the body, as a result of wear and tear of the surface cartilage. tends to focus on reducing pain and improving mobility although most treatments cannot cure the condition. As described by the NHS the treatments for osteoarthritis focus on “easing your symptoms and preventing them from affecting your everyday life.”

A number of lifestyle changes can help to relieve the burden of osteoarthritis including exercise to strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular fitness; this in turn can help patients to lose weight if overweight or obese which is highly beneficial for the strained joints. Medication for the condition includes standard over-the-counter painkillers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)A group of drugs that give pain relief and reduce inflammation. as well as intra-articular injections in extreme cases.

A new non-surgical treatment option is AposTherapy which aims to reverse the deterioration of the joints. This involves wearing special shoes with adjustable pods on the sole to help the foot to realign and position correctly under the hip and knee. By changing the centre of pressure the movement within the knees is more controlled preventing the continuing deterioration of osteoarthritis.

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