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No science to support theory that cell phones cause brain tumors

Posted Sep 20 2012 12:00am
A guest post by David Cooper

Sheryl Crow made a statement on national television recently that her benign brain tumor, called meningioma, was caused by her frequent cell phone use. Despite lacking doctor confirmation, Crow believes that this is possible because her tumor is located on the side of her head where she held her cell phone. Although Crow has decided to not undergo surgery, the most common meningioma brain tumor treatments are surgical procedures.

Crow isn’t alone in her concern over the potential harm of cell phones causing meningiomas, but the evidence linking cell phone use to brain tumors has been inconsistent -- most studies have not found any link between the two. Although cell phones do emit radio frequency energy, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) states that this energy is not known to damage DNA, which is considered a necessary step to cause cancer. Also, the NCI points out that during the time when cell phone use increased the fastest, between 1987 and 2007, there was no increase in the prevalence of brain cancer in the US.

According to the NCI, approximately 6,000 people are diagnosed with meningiomas each year. Most are benign, but common symptoms can include pain, headaches, weakness or paralysis, visual field reduction, and/or speech problems. Depending on the severity of symptoms, surgical treatment for brain tumors may be necessary The demographic most susceptible to developing meningiomas are women between the ages of 40 and 60 - a group that Crow, at age 50, falls under.
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