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No more visible veins with sclerotherapy treatment!

Posted Feb 26 2013 7:26am

Now the remedy for unsightly varicose veins and spider veins is at hand. St.Louis offers some of the best medical treatment for the minimization of these vein types thus giving you a clean and smooth skin. To proceed with such treatment one has to undergo a basic evaluation or CVT to determine the health of the veins and evaluate their current situation and determine whether proceeding with the treatment would be conducive to the vein health.

The top most treatment for less visible veins would be a Sclerotherapy vein treatment in St. Louis.In this treatment Dr Wright an experienced and qualified physician from the Laserlipo and Vein Institute takes a small and thin needle which is used to inject a liquid called sclerosant into the veins which causes the veins to them to restrict and close. It is a highly effective cure for both Spider as well as Varicose veins. It makes them vanish from the skins surface the moment the injection is administered and you can see the results on the spot.


The above mentioned procedure is moistly operated on veins which are larger and awkward and appear ropey, this are called varicose veins and are just visible beneath the skins surface. Spider veins on the other hand are the smaller versions of the same and are usually seen appearing in clusters on the surface of the skin.

The sclerotherapy procedure is of two types:

Ø  Ultrasound guided Sclerotherapy.

Ø  Cosmetic Sclerotherapy

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In the first type the treatment is performed on an ultrasound screen while the patient is administered a foamed or liquefied sclerosant which facilitates the ceasing of unseen veins and eliminating them at the budding stage and shifting the rise of any complex situations.

The second type involves the treatment of deep veins which are superficially seen on the surface of the skin the procedure involves the use of a vein light to detect the veins and find the blood vessels which supply blood to the veins then the sclerosant is introduced into the vein which irritates the vein resulting in its closure. This is a rather fulfilling treatment as it is more precise. Yet there is a stigma attached to this treatment as the visual sclerotherapy is measured as a cosmetic treatment by most of the medical insurance coverage’s it is usually not provided a cover as they do not consider it as a necessity.

The use of compression stockings also eliminates the visibility of spider veins just three sessions are enough to erase those unlikely occurrences and give you flawless limbs.

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