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New treatment for excessive sweating announced

Posted Jul 12 2013 11:50am

Breath of fresh air for excessive perspiration

At the UK's largest dermatology meeting doctors at the British Association of Dermatology heard  about a new and easy to use cure for axillary hyperhidrosisA condition that causes excessive sweating. or armpit sweating

Mr Daryll Baker from the Royal Free Hospital in London  presented the results of a clinical study of a spray deodorant containing a chemical called Glycopyrrolate which is similar to anti-sea sickness tablets.  After using the spray for only a couple of weeks people reported a significant improvement in their sweating.

Alternative to painful Botox

Prior to this discovery, for extreme cases of armpit sweating when other deodorants have not worked, people have had to consider botox injections into the arm pit. These are painful,  often not available on the NHS and only last for a few months. Mr Baker’s study has shown that the new spray works as well as Botox injections, but without the pain. It is therefore likely that the Glycopyrolatte spray will replace Botox treatment.

For further information, contact the author:  Dr Daryll Baker via

Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead, London, NW3 2SG

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