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New Study Finds E-Cigarettes Could Hurt Lungs

Posted Sep 13 2012 12:00am
For those of you who have a strong family history of breast or ovarian cancer, the option of getting tested for the “breast cancer susceptibility” gene is available – with a hefty price tag. Now, researchers say, there may be a less expensive alternative on the horizon.

The breast cancer gene, or BRCA, has been identified in women as a strong indicator of whether or not she will develop ovarian or breast cancer during her lifetime. Women who test positive for mutations of the BRCA gene have a 60% chance of breast cancer and 40% for ovarian cancer. However, a single genetic test can cost upwards of $3,000, making this life-saving screen inaccessible to most.
According to a new study that was released last night, researchers believe they have stumbled upon a new alternative to the BRCA screen.
The study, which was performed by the Center for Human Reproduction, and two other research teams in Austria, found a significant relationship between the presence of BRCA mutation in women and the presence of another specific genotype, known as FMR1 “low”. FMR1 “low”, is a much less expensive gene to screen for (approximately $400 or less), and if further research proves this study, could potentially replace the costly BRCA gene.
“We were very surprised by these results,” said David H. Barad, MD, MS, Director of Clinical ART and Senior Scientist at CHR, a senior author of the study. “This observation, if confirmed, can greatly impact current cancer screening methods for BRCA1/2-associated cancers in women, and greatly reduce costs.”
Is cost a big factor for you in deciding whether or not you would screen for breast or ovarian cancer?
Read the full media release on this study from the Center for Human Reproduction Read the full study on PLoS ONE
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