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"My Knees Ache - should I see a knee specialist?"

Posted Nov 02 2011 11:16am

Clearly the first port of call should always be the GP, however, modern attitudes to teating knee pain vary greatly and so it is imperative for patients to take a greater interest in their own treatment options. For example, for patients with degenerative joint disease or osteoporosisA condition resulting in brittle bones due to loss of bony tissue. it may seem that a total knee replacement is an unavoidable step, however, one senior specialist says that a partial knee replacement is, in fact, the best option. Other surgical options include osteotomy and arthroscopyInspection through an endoscope of the interior of a joint.. Mr Michael Wilkinson has written two articles in a straight-forward manner, detailing causes, symptoms and treatments for a wrenched knee and encourages the use of arthroscopic surgery to treat this condition.

Alternatively, there is increasing good evidence for non-surgical treatments aimed at modulating gait such as AposTherapy . In other cases, straightforward pain killers and / or anti-inflammatoryAny drug that suppresses inflammation drugs may be the best option. As Professor Justin Cobb says: "rule number 1 is avoid surgeons" . The point is that here are a number of plain English articles to help you see what's involved, what the experts recommend and what might be best for you…

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