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MRI - Advanced Diagnostic Technique

Posted Oct 06 2010 12:32am

MRI is an advanced diagnostic technique that allows physicians to conduct a detailed study of the patient’s body.


MRI diagnostic utilizes radio frequency imaging technology which has been in use since the 1980s. MRI has taken away much guesswork out of medicine and paved the way for more systematic treatment. It is commonly used in major health centers, clinics and hospitals as it is far more reliable than other traditional diagnostic techniques.


MRI for a Clear, Concise Picture


An MRI scan is generally recommended when the specialist suspects a patient to have internal injury or bleeding, tumors, ailments or infection which may not be evident by external evaluation or diagnosis. The hi-resolution scan can give 3D cross section images of the organs and structure of almost the entire body which may specifically include the brain, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis and lower extremities. It is made available in digital format in computers as well as in photographic films which can be easily viewed at the doctor’s office.


Today, open MRI machines have been introduced to facilitate claustrophobic patients. Patients are required to wear a hospital gown and lie still during the scanning process. The scan lasts for about 30 to 45 minutes during which the machine acquires several images. It is a completely safe and pain-free procedure which involves no risk or complications.


Treatment with No Room for Error


Constant improvements have been made in the field of magnetic resonance imagin g far more detailed and refined imagery to cover even the minutest detail of the scanned region. MRI continues to be the most advanced diagnostic technique in the hands of specialists who keep the interests of their patients in mind and strive to provide the best possible treatment that can be offered in contemporary times with no room for error.

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