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Monoclonal Antibodies for Detection of Stachybotrys chartarum Fungi

Posted Aug 12 2013 8:00pm

Description of Invention:
This invention provides monoclonal antibodies that can be used to rapidly and accurately test for the presence of Stachybotrys chartarum fungi. Certain fungi found in indoor environments, including homes and businesses, may cause adverse health effects in people and animals by causing infection or provoking allergic reactions. Sick building syndrome, an occupational condition in which workers are sickened by environmental toxins or pathogens, has been associated with the fungus S. chartarum. The antibodies disclosed may be used to identify and detect the presence of S. chartarum in a biological sample or a sample obtained from the environment. The antibodies may be part of kits to assess human exposure to this fungi and they may be useful for improving occupational health.

  • Clinical diagnosis of S. chartarum exposure
  • Detection of fungal antigens in biological samples or the environment
  • Occupational health and home safety

  • Simple, rapid, and specific detection of S. chartarum pathogen
  • Easily adaptable for kit format
  • Less labor-intensive than spore counts or culturing
  • More sensitive than chromatographic detection of mycotoxins
  • Ensures objective output by directly quantifying spores rather than relying on genetically influenced molecular markers or sample extraction techniques

Development Status:
  • Early-stage
  • In vitro data available

Detlef Schmechel (CDC)
Daniel M Lewis (CDC)

Patent Status:
HHS, Reference No. E-224-2013/0
US, , Patent No. 7,368,256, Issued 06 May 2008
PCT, Application No. PCT/US2002/025493 filed 09 Aug 2002

For Licensing Information Please Contact:
Whitney Blair
NIH Office of Technology Transfer
6011 Executive Blvd. Suite 325,
Rockville, MD 20852
United States
Phone: 301-435-4937
Fax: 301-402-0220

Ref No: 2614

Updated: 08/2013

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