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Market Research Report||Women’s Health Diagnostic Testing||Aarkstore Enterprise

Posted May 10 2011 10:39am

The purpose of this report is to describe the specific segment of the in vitro diagnostics (IVDs) market called women’s health testing. This study includes contemporary and generally accepted clinical and analytical activities. This analysis examines clinical measurement devices, as well as their reagents and supplies, as utilized in hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices. Some diagnostic tests, which are marketed primarily as over-the-counter products, are included in this report. This report also includes other important tests like mammography, (i.e., tests which are not generally associated with IVD tests, but which are an important component of the overall women’s health market). This study deals with analysis related to the common chemical constituents of blood, plasma or serum of concern to patient testing in the field of women’s health. Emphasis is on those companies and products that are actively developing and marketing clinical laboratory instrumentation, reagents and supplies for performing diagnostic tests related to women’s health. This study concentrates on the women’s health testing market segment in important worldwide markets such as the U.S., Japan and Europe.

Table of Contents :
1.0 Overview 7
1.1 Statement of Report 7
1.2 Scope of this Report 7
1.3 Methodology 8
1.4 Executive Summary 9

2.0 Introduction - Sector Overview 11
2.1 Global Diagnostic Products Industry 11

3.0 Women’s Health Testing Market Analysis in Size, Growth and Share 13
3.1 Global Women’s Health Testing Markets 13
3.1.1 Market Drivers in the Women’s Health Diagnostics Testing Sector 13 Market Segments for Women’s Health Testing 13 Key Players in the Women’s Health Diagnostics Testing Segment 14 Women’s Health Testing Sector Analysis 15
3.2 U.S. Women’s Health Testing Market 15
3.2.1 Market Overview 15
3.2.2 Diagnostic Test Categories 16
3.3 European Women’s Health Diagnostic Test Market 17
3.3.1 German Women’s Care Diagnostic Market 19
3.3.2 U.K. Women’s Care Testing Diagnostic Market 22 U.K. Market Statistics 22 U.K. Competitive Analysis 23 U.K. Market Access 24
3.3.3 French Women’s Care Diagnostic Market 25
3.3.4 Italian Women’s Care Diagnostic Market 25
3.3.5 Spanish Women’s Care Diagnostic Market 26
3.4 Japanese Women’s Care Testing Market 26
3.5 Chinese Women’s Care Market 27
3.6 Rest of the World Women’s Care Testing Market 28

4.0 Women’s Health Testing Individual Markets 30
4.1 Pregnancy Testing 30
4.2 Osteoporosis Testing 36
4.2.1 In Vitro Blood Tests 40
4.2.2 Bone Densitometry Devices 42
4.3 Prenatal Screening Testing 44
4.3.1 Cystic Fibrosis 44
4.3.2 Prenatal Genetic Testing 47
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